Tokonoma is a collective name, where the experiences of different professionals converge.  Chiara Ligi and Mauro Macella are at the core of the Tokonoma team, a diverse group of multimedia artists based in Milan with a wide range of backgrounds and skills.

Tokonoma members have measured themselves with interactivity, decomposition and multi-vision, story fragmentation and space design. Over the years they have collected a unique experience in video creation, video-installations, interactive video-environments, multimedia experiences and exhibitions, museums and theatre projects.

In their works video, technology, narration and space come together. They manipulate media and skilfully play with reality and perception. Their works are generally based on a narrative structure on the basis of which they develop a layered visual and sound narrative that open up to new interpretations.

Generally designed with particular attention to the space as the primary context, Tokonoma installations are designed for collective appreciation that encourages a social dimension. Their works often focus on themes such as memory, territory, community and their identity. Media technologies are the means and not the ends of their projects. Tokonoma are keen on creating evocative experiences around themes and contents of collective interest aimed at increasing public participation, critical sense and attention around specific themes or issues.