Tokonoma about

We are an experience design studio that connects people to brands and cultural institutions through meaningful interactions.


Tokonoma is a collective name where the experiences of different professionals converge. Core and founders of the group are Chiara Ligi and Mauro Macella: two artists and multimedia designers who have different backgrounds and skills but shared a long experience in Studio Azzurro, a collective of video artists pioneers in the field of multimedia and interactivity. The studio collaborates with different professional figures such as curators, architects, musicians and sound designers, programmers, illustrators and graphic designers, makers, set designers.

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Through audio and video storytelling, the use of different media and interactivity we enhance cultural heritage - historical, artistic, architectural, archaeological and intangible - through its reinterpretation and re-presentation in a new guise. Focusing on themes such as memory, territory, community and their identity we create evocative experiences around themes of collective interest manipulating media and playing with reality and perception to develop multi-layered visual and sound narratives that open up to new interpretations.


Combining interactivity, multi-vision, story fragmentation and space design Tokonoma members gained over the years a unique experience in video creation, video installations, interactive video environments, multimedia experiences and exhibitions, museums and theatre projects.
Technology and media thus are the means we use to create engaging experiences, aimed at increasing public participation and critical sense.

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