exhibition with immersive audio and video installations

About this project

The exhibition explores the intersecting histories of the French Foreign Legion and the Luxembourgish emigrations to France. Emphasizing personal stories, the exhibition explores the role of the Luxembourgish legionnaires in the national and transnational history, their social and cultural milieu, the migratory patterns that lead to their engagement, the war experience and its aftermath, and the ambiguities of their representation and self-representation in the press, official statements, and popular culture.

After the balance and rigidity of the first room, the darker and fragmented interior space hosts stories that seem to spring from every corner, revealing themselves together with the objects that represent the protagonists.

The audiovisual narrative of the six audio video installations surrounds the viewer, who is guided through the history of the French Foreign Legion told through archive videos, composed landscapes and original soundscapes.



  • Coordination

    Musée Dräi Eechelen (Simone Feis, Ralph Lange, François Reinert)

  • Scientific curator

    C²DH, Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (Sandra Camarda, Arnaud Sauer, Denis Scuto)

  • Multimedia project and installations


  • Exhibition design

    2F Architettura (Alessandro Floris and Dhaarini Rajkumar)

  • Graphic identity

    Stefano Asili, Enrico Asili and Giorgia Borroni

  • Music and soundscapes

    Max Viale

  • Voice acting

    Denis Jousselin, Sophie Langevin, Marc Limpach, Philippe Meyrer, Pitt Simon, Guillaume Vokar

  • Technical support

    Archimedix - Reinhard Munzel with the support of Nicolas Donnerup (MediaLab UniLu) for the audio system

  • Showcases

    Artigianato&Design (Pietro Taddeo Fois and Fabrizio Moro)

  • Graphic prints

    Limited Edition - Hohl Grégory