Remixing Industrial Pasts

mixed media exhibition

About this project

In an attempt to reinstate the historical complexity of the Minett, the exhibition draws on the concept of “remix”, turning the Massenoire into a time machine with audiovisual narration unfolding around three main themes: industry, people and landscape. From macro perspectives to micro-stories, the exhibition reveals a mosaic of images and voices, offering insights into various aspects that played a part in shaping the identity of the Minett.

On the ground level, five sections focus on the interplay between industrial culture, local and regional identities and personal and collective memories. Playing with transparency, a series of installations recall familiar spaces: two street corners, a photographic studio, a living room and a border. Inside them, reinterpreted images highlight marginalised and forgotten issues, enhancing the audio collages of fragments from original interviews and documents.

An explosion of screens invades the aerial space, composing an ever-changing visual landscape that plays with rhythmical juxtapositions and combinations. Based on a remix of vernacular films, documentaries, feature films and TV reports, the large installation highlights the multiple transformations that have shaped the region over the past century.

Remixing Industrial Pasts


  • Lead design and art direction

    Chiara Ligi

  • Lead design and project management

    Micol Riva

  • Content design and production assistant

    Esther Chionetti

  • Multi-channel editing and video post-production

    Mauro Macella

  • Content design and post-production assistant

    Alessia Fallica, Martina Rosa

  • Original motion soundtrack & sound design

    Max Viale

  • Graphic Design

    Giorgia Borroni

  • Architectural design

    2F Architettura - Alessandro Floris, Dhaarini Rajkumar

  • Multimedia consultant

    Fabio Lombardo

  • Historical research and concept

    Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH) - University of Luxembourg Viktoria Boretska, Maxime Derian, Julia Harnoncourt, Stefan Krebs (PI), Irene Portas Vázquez, Daniel Richter, Lars Schoenfelder, Werner Tschacher, Jens van de Maele