Historical Voices from the Minette

interactive video installation

About this project

Dealing with timeless themes such as wartime suffering, migration, labor, health and human creativity the digital fresco shows six characters that tell stories of the industrial region of the Minett (South Luxembourg) in a one-to-one talk with the spectator.

The main window of the pavilion located in Place de la Resistence in Esch-sur-Alzette becomes a sort of extension of the square where six characters, both real and fictional, hand-drawn in real scale, wait for the public to engage a sort of one-to-one conversation, sharing their life stories and involving the spectators to take part at the history of the city.

The spoken stories are enhanced by the animation of a series of original illustrations, photos and archive materials, some of which unedited, that dance all around the character following the narration. An original soundtrack, unique for each story, is specially designed to recall emotions using original sounds recorded at the time, involving the visitor in a captivating interactive experience.

Historical Voices from the Minette


  • Creative production

    Chiara Ligi

  • Production and technical project

    Micol Riva

  • Production assistant

    Esther Chionetti

  • Drawings

    Ettore Tripodi

  • Video post-production

    Mauro Macella

  • Soundscape

    Max Viale

  • Interactivity

    Alexandre Cayuela Castilla

  • Historical research

    Remix Team of the Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH) University of Luxembourg