Past Future

mixed media installation

About this project

The exhibition presents a series of objects, visual and sound atmospheres that try to establish connections between traditional craft and contemporary design from Sardinia in three historical moments telling the story of a century of handicrafts.

The installation ideally reproduces the peculiar path of Sardinian craftsmanship, which has been able to reinvent itself at an organizational and productive level by weaving the threads of tradition and contemporaneity.

The large textile installation recalls a vertical loom. The “frame”, composed by the warp threads of seven carpets partly woven and placed side by side, hides a visual and sound texture where a multimedia narration comes to life. The metaphor of weaving, besides recalling the collection displayed, evokes the connections with Sardinian culture and territory, of which the artisanal knowledge is a direct expression. The multimedia “weaving” plays with overlaps, references, and repetitions of images and sounds, highlighting the connections between Sardinian landscape, culture and craftsmanship.

Past Future


  • Multimedia design

    Chiara Ligi

  • Video post-production

    Mauro Macella

  • Music

    Tommaso Leddi (drums: Federico Fanesi, bass guitar: Franco Parravicini)

  • Exhibition design

    Alessandro Floris

  • Exhibition graphics and communication design

    Stefano Asili

  • Multi-screen installation

    aboratorio Animazione Design, Università di Sassari, Alghero

  • Curated by

    Roberta Morittu and Giuliana Altea with Antonella Camarda