Être d'Ailleurs en Temps de Guerre

exhibition with immersive video installation

About this project

The audio visual narrative of the exhibition, explores the link between war and human migrations, attempts to convey the complexity and stratification of the narrated themes and events, paying particular attention to the personal stories.

Working on images from archives material, cutting and composing an animated video-collage, the story develops naturally in a single plan-sequence.

The case of the migrants’ town of Dudelange during WW1 lets the visitors follow the different trajectories drawn by those who willingly left, were forced to flee or sought refuge within its borders. The immersive, multisensory video installation tries to create links between the six thematic sections of the exhibition and the objects displayed.

Resulting from a collaboration between the C²DH University of Luxembourg and the Centre de Documentations sur les Migrations Humaines CDMH, the exhibition took place in Dudelange at the former station Gare-Usines.

Être d'Ailleurs en Temps de Guerre


  • Creative production

    Chiara Ligi

  • Video post production

    Mauro Macella

  • Soundscape

    Tommaso Leddi

  • Video Editing

    Silvia Pellizzari

  • Post-production assistance

    Francesco Deiana

  • Set up assistance

    Lara Mezzapelle

  • Curated by

    Sandra Camarda, Antoinette Reuter, Denis Scuto